• Ucci Pilates is now online

    Keeping your mind and body healthy and active is now more important than ever during these uncertain times. Fight any boredom or low moments with regular daily exercise in the home and with me on the big screen!


    You may have always wanted to try Pilates but never had the time or maybe now is the time to finally achieve your goal of getting into shape and looking and feeling stronger. There's nothing stopping you now and there's so much online exercises and instructors to help you.


    For your mental health and wellbeing, exercise has been proven to combat stress by increasing levels of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins to the brain. Meaning you will feel positive, your relationships can improve as you feel happier and your energy levels will increase making you more productive and creative in the home :)

    At ucci pilates, we're dedicated to helping you build a strong core system for more controlled movement, balance, posture and a pain free lifestyle. Pilates as a discipline is dedicated to the development of physical and mental health by creating exercises for the entire body that everyBODY can do.


    Join me and lots of friends for group livestream classes, where we can come together, forget about our worries and have a great workout. Go on, check out my online classes today.

  • What we do

    "Change happens through movement and movement heals" - Joseph Pilates

    The low to medium impact of pilates and the endless amounts of variations offered, allow individuals with limits to strengthen their bodies. If you suffer from lower back or joint pain due to bad posture or hip misalignment, health complications or restricted movement, you can find healing in Pilates.


    Coordinating between breath and spine stabilisation, while simultaneously moving arms and legs, connects the brain to a physical full-body workout.


    You will find an unlimited source of benefits in Pilates including stress relief, increased strength, improved cognitive abilities and enhanced mood.

  • Meet your online instructor



    Claudia (aka Cloud to friends and family), started pilates in 2007 due to severe sciatic nerve, back pain and adult scoliosis. After consulting with many doctors she realised the only way to properly heal was through a lifestyle change and regular exercise. She can now testify that Pilates has helped her regain happiness and a pain free life.


    Claudia particularly likes to focus on connecting breath with movement to strengthen the core, support the spine and bring focus to the mind.




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    If you miss a class, we will send you a recording of the class.


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    4 classes in 2 weeks for £22 (That's £5.50 per class)

    6 classes in 2 weeks for £30 (That's £5.00 per class)



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    These classes are subject to change if times do not seem popular after an initial testing period. If you have any suggestions as to when would be a good time for me to teach you let me know at uccipilates@gmail.com. This is a whole new world for us teachers, so your feedback is greatly appreciated :)


    To create these classes, I will be using the online platform Zoom which only takes a few seconds for you to set up a free account. You will then be able to see me and we can have a great workout together. I'll send you more instructions when you sign up to a class.



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    If you can't afford the above offers, sign up to a class by donating what you can.

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    Free ongoing classes

    If you too are self-employed or struggling financially because of the Coronavirus, I have you covered, come join us for free, just send me a message at uccipilates@gmail.com and I'll send you a code to use and sign up to my classes.


    For more instant updates join my facebook page Ucci Wellness or my instagram account uccibycolucci


    Thank you and can't wait to see you all online with me.



  • My first experience to Pilates was by an instructor who didn’t really challenge me. I thought adding another Pilates class by a different instructor would give me a good challenge. Oh boy! I thought I knew what to expect when I attended Cloud’s Pilates class but this was something else! Jokes aside, I thoroughly enjoyed Cloud’s classes. A good Pilates sweat! Every week was a new workout that made the entire class discover muscles we didn’t know even existed. She has become the standard for any Pilates class I would ever take anywhere in the world I would visit. And during her classes she makes you mentally understand with her cues of how the breathe is supposed to help with the movements. Every class is an awesome challenge that I would always recommend to anyone. Thank you so much Cloud!

    Eloho S. Sido​

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